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HC floor, Al Thuraya 3 building, Sheikh Khalifa St. Rashideya 3, Ajman


8:00 AM – 12.00 AM
Monday – Sunday

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You can reach us by our numbers:
0565808131 or 0565808132

Discover our Story

Extreme Fitness Center opened in 2005 under professional administration and coaches, from that time we’re trying to give the best experience ever to the customers and make them so comfortable on what they have chosen.
In our center we have 3 different sections, Ladies section, Gents section and Children section (with kids area too)


Everyone has a chance NOW to learn swimming from scratch or developing  the current skills on swimming, we have classes for Ladies, Gents and Children from the age of 4 years

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Get your privacy that you deserve! we want to make you more comfortable by training and taking classes with the same gender as you
We have a full separate section for ladies ONLY.


We have also the activities that can help you to Boosts your Heart Health, or Lose Weight, or Gain Weight, and much much more, we got for you Aerobics, Zumba and Belly Dance.

Some Of Our Services

Gym & Cross Fit

Enjoy our high-intensity fitness programme from several sports and types of exercise!


We provide you a good swimming process to teach you how to swim from scratch or to develop your current level.


We provide a systematic exercises of gymnastic to improve strength, agility, and physical conditioning

Boxing | Kick-boxing

Get the exercises that involves footwork, punching, and evasion movements of the Boxing & Kick-boxing


let your son get the development of defensive and counterattacking body movements in the Karate


Get yourself your the Zumba classes that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance with our Zumba program

Belly Dance

Try our unique Oriental dance based on the torso, focusing on the hip joints in Belly dance activity


Enjoy Aerobics exercises to increases your heart rate, lose weight and how much oxygen your body uses


Join to our Football team and show off your skills or develop them with our professional coaches

We know exactly what you need lady

Full Separate Section

We have a full separate section of all the activities you may need. So now you can be more comfortable, focus on your body and make yourself a superhero and proud.

Take the first step and let the rest to us

In our professional center all you will need is take the first step which’s visiting us and you’d join in the same day and why not start training in the same time.
we don’t have a complex registration, it takes only 2 minutes to be one of our superheroes.

Customers reviews

I advise everyone to take advantage of the summer vacation through it as a suitable place for everyone, whether camps or classes. I have been registering my children in it for a long time.
Wonderful and very beautiful for adults and children, prices are suitable for everyone, clean, highly qualified trainers, distinguished, very comfortable, and a thousand thanks for your efforts
The gym is well equipped for men and women with different program for children as well. They also have a swimming pool at the roof. The gym is actually located on the HC floor.

Take the first step and let the rest to us

Contact us at: contact@extremefit.co
Call us at: 0565808131 or 0565808132
Or basically get the directions and visit us

Let's discover all the activities together!

WE ARE proud to provide all kind of ACTIVITIES FOR GENTS, LADIES AND KIDS
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